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Movies that OFFEND you

Copied from Gallifrey Base. Offensive place btw. No etiquette.

I like action blockbusters about, this fun term I heard if sexist "***k waving", but lately I've felt there's always something offensive. The Last Stand: patronising poster. A Good Day to Die Hard: in UK cut. G.I. Joe: Retaliation: misogyny. Iron Man 3&G.I. Joe: ill-fittingly oversweet 3d. All of them: NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Fast & Furious 6: this was actually good enough, but the seemingly intelligent and stylish characters never do anything intelligent; it gives these yolo criminals a better name which I like, but shows intelligent action non-supportable.

Lars von Trier and the slightly less famous Hideaki Anno on the other hand have never offended me, even when they do something that's lacking. Maybe it's because they have nihilist worldviews, their movies promote less lamentable illusions of doom.

Even my own 6-minute masterpiece has a lamentable disregard for aesthetic tone; it hurts the senses.
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