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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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How can a company not now they are doing a test run? someone has to set up a website, allow distribution to the test area, allow people to place orders over the telephone etc...
I hear ya, but if what Eagle Moss said is to believed, they were truly caught off guard when they learned the initial 5 issues were a test run. And because some folks placed orders but never got their issues, does lead creedence to the claim that the factory didn't have the stock to fulfill orders.

I just hope Eagle Moss has it all sorted out this time, because I would love to get a complete set. Especially with all the First Contact/DS9 era ships.
Well it's not uncommon for a magazine to have a release in one region of the UK to test demand before going national.

As Eagle Moss let the magazine go out, they can't be caught off guard. Someone at Eagle Moss had to ok the distribution of the magazine.

The only thing that might have caught them off guard was the demand, they underestimated the demand.
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