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Re: Cumberbatch Shower Scene

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Obviously invading anyone's personal space without their permission is wrong, male or female, but I think you're kind of missing the forest for the trees here in your pursuit of avoiding double standards, J. There's a stronger implication behind saying you're going to feel up a woman than a man without their permission because of the vastly higher rate of sexual harassment and assault women face on a daily basis. Saying that to or about a 5'4" woman (or any woman) is probably not going to come across the same way as it would saying it to or about a 6'0" man, because of the history and implications behind such comments from each perspective.

Now, like teacake, I'll throw out the qualifier that this has nothing to do with you, personally. You're a good guy and I know you meant nothing sinister by it and would never feel up anyone without their consent. I just disagree with you that it should mean the same thing to men and women, especially in our present day society where sexual harassment and assault --especially though not exclusively toward women-- is a major concern.
Sure, I understand that. The days of smacking a woman on the rear and telling her "good job, sweet cheeks" being condoned, and such are long gone, and good riddance. Women have had to put up with sexual harassment in the workplace, at home, when going out with friends, in almost every social sphere of life, as well as receive little to no support from their under-representative governments when it comes to dire issues like rape, and personal body choice, and that in most societies it is a male dominated environment where one is seen as an object of sexual gratification rather than as an intelligent human being who has thoughts, feelings, and is deserving of respect.

Edit to add:
The only reason I feel comfortable enough to make jokes like I do here, is because I've got to know so many of you, and have been here for more than a decade now. I wouldn't make these jokes where I didn't know anyone, because it would come across exactly as teacake (and yourself) is concerned it would. The familiarity here makes it much easier for me to play around a bit, because I know most of you know me well enough to see it as nothing more than Benny Hill style silliness.

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