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Re: Warehouse 13 renewed for fifth/final seasonfinal

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^^ Indeed, and I believe Sciffy has a half-hour anthology in the works as well. Encouraging news, since I also love anthologies.

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Maybe someday, but certainly not now. The Chinese government would nationalize it five minutes after it got there.
Isn't it already nationalised? It's run as a government department with government agents. Yes, with civilian overseers but basically a government operation.
I don't think so. The Regent said something about the Warehouse always having a questionable relationship with the host government (remember how that senator had to be diverted by that red herring?). I think the situation is that the Regents have recruited government insiders as "friends in high places."
I dunno about any of that, I've seen the first 2 seasons, maybe some of season 3. Didn't manage to catch all of it yet.
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