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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andorian hair. White and either puffy or wispy depending on the individual and their heritage.
B is for Bolian hair. Largely nonexistent.
C is for Cardassian hair. Usually black and very oily-looking.
D is for Deltan hair. Apparently nonexistant on females. Can we conclude that the carpet and drapes match?
E is for Excalibur, a Constitution-class starship that suffered heavy damage and casualties during the disastrous M-5 computer wargame exercises of 2268.
F is for Farragut. The USS Farragut. Not a lucky starship.
G is for Garak. A tailor? A spy? Both? Or just plain, simple Garak?
H is for Hood (NCC-42296) - So many excelsior class ships :O
I is for Intrepid (NCC-38907) - See, here's another one!
J is for Jim Kirk. Captain of the Enterprise.
K is for Kurn, Worf's brother
L is for Leonard Nimoy.
M is for Minuet. Still not sold of Riker being that infatuated with a hologram.
N is for Nanites infesting the Enterprise-D.
O is for O'Brien. Miles O'Brien. Distant descendant of a red-haired 21st Century talkshow host.
P is for Pierogis. Cheese ones were Zefram Cochrane's favorite food according to history texts of the late 24th century.
Q is for Quantum torpedoes.
R is for Romulan incursion across the Neutral Zone and into Federation space in 2266.
S is for Spock's mind-probe.
T is for Tzenkethi War, fought as some point in the 2350s or the early 2360s.
U is for Underground Lair of the Eyemorg. Givers of pleasure and pain.
V is for Valiant, one of the very first warp-powered spacecraft launched from Earth. She disappeared with all hands sometime after her launch in 2065 and the truth about her fate wasn't learned until two centuries later.
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