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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Every time the swimmers move their propellers, they change the direction of their motion, except that they didn't. This shows they weren't using propeller boots, no matter any bubbles.
I didn't see much movement with the legs apart from the minor adjustments you'd expect to see from somebody trying to maintain a particular direction or small adjustments to it. It seemed obvious to me they had thrusters or propellers or something in their feet and the scene reflected that.

I think you need to go back and watch it again.

At one point the Enterprise seems to be falling on its side, and Kirk has to leap over a cross corridor, from wall to wall. He is fearful that he will fall "down," meaning towards the Earth.
"Seems to be falling on its side"? Not based on the exterior shots, and I watched that scene very closely on the second viewing. I cannot actually recall a single moment where the Enterprise was falling stably in a particular orientation for more than a handful of moments. It was effectively in a constant multi-axis tumble the whole time, which is why nobody was ever propelled towards the ceiling.

But it is by no means obvious that the artificial gravity can even be tuned so that it points in a different direction.
Pretty sure that's what inertial dampeners are for.

Nor is anybody falling "down" that giant hotel lobby space ever so fortunate as to have the supposedly malfunctioning gravity reverse and slow his fall.
Gravity doesn't work that way, but even if it did, we wouldn't have really SEEN it since we only got to see the lobby for a handful of seconds when Kirk was running through it.

Also, the center of mass of the ship is irrelevant. Even if the ship were rotating as it fell, the conservation of angular momentum would keep the contents rotating with it.
And rotating with it would cause them to be accelerated AWAY from the center of gravity with a force proportional to their distance from it. The ship wouldn't need to be accelerating in the tumble at all; tumbling at a constant rate would produce the same effect, but it would be far less chaotic than what we've seen in the movie.
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