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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

I've read several sources that say that the games installed to the console is available to all user accounts on that console. That's a bit better for me. As long as my kids can access my game purchases, I'm Ok with that. The only difference now is that I will be limited to owning only 1 Xbox One.

With regards to used games, I can't say that it matters much to me since I almost always buy new games.

I've pointed out elsewhere in this forum that the traditional business model of console manufacturers is to sell the consoles for a loss in the hopes of making the money back when they collect royalties from the games you buy for that console. The way the used game market worked threw a huge monkey wrench in that operation right away. Lets say Microsoft sold you an Xbox One at a $100 loss on the hopes that you'd buy at least 5 games over the life of that console. You never buy those games because you buy used all the time. Microsoft is actually better off having not sold you the console in the first place. The realization is that the console manufacturer probably doesn't want the business of primarily used game buyer/ game renter. They couldn't care less about those complaining about eradicating used game sales. Any statements contrary to that is just PR bullshit.

I have very little doubt that this DRM/Used Game policy was driven by pressure from the publishers and I'm reasonably sure Sony has similar plans with the PS4. There's no way you're going to buy Madden 25 on Xbox and can't sell it back while you can trade your PS4 copy of it in all day. This is the future we're going to live in.

What's more is that everytime I hear news of an awesome game developer closing its doors and going out of business because their last game only sold 1,000,000 copies and they needed to sell 1,500,000 to stay in business... and at the same time, 3,000,000 people have achievements/trophies for having played the game, I get a little worried about the future of my favorite past time. If Microsoft and Sony can devise a way cut game developers in on the second hand purchase of their software, then I'm at least willing to withhold judgement. I know one thing... Full retail is too much for a second hand game.
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