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Re: Help Into Darkness

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Well I've done my part. I've managed to talk my family out of seeing it and five of my buddies as well. It will probably still do great business over it's second weekend, but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that this film needs to succeed in order for the Star Trek franchise to continue having relevance.
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I have never talked someone out of seeing a movie because don't have the same tastes in entertainment as they do.
Well, I've known my family all my life and my friends for a couple of decades now. We seem to trust each other's judgement when it comes to what to see and what not to see. Heck, I convinced my folks that we should see Battlefield Earth and I don't think we would have had nearly as good a time seeing STID as we did that astounding film.
After some consideration, it's hard to see your first post as anything other than an attempt to provoke a negative reaction, especially given the topic of the thread which is about helping to improve STiD's box office. The follow-up post comparing it unfavorably to what is almost universally considered one of the worst mainstream films ever made wasn't much of an improvement.

It's fine to hate the movie. It's fine to complain about the movie. But when you come in to thumb your nose at people in a thread about raising box office by saying how many people you've convinced to stay away, it becomes problematic.

Infraction for trolling. Comments to PM.

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My troll alert is up.
Then hit notify on the post and let the mods deal with it instead of calling the person out in the thread, please.
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