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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins]

J. Allen wrote: View Post
Eh, no, please. I can't stand the Borg anymore. I've been Borg'd to death. I'd like to see either a completely new antagonist, or a mysterious "thing" that must be explored to be understood. Either way, no Borg. Please.
The Borg were so cool until the cliffhanger of Best of Both Worlds. Then they became progressively stupider.

I'm torn on this issue. On the one hand I want new stuff, not retreading old ground, but on the other, IF they do it correctly and the Borg were done right, I could like it.

starburst wrote: View Post
For Star Trek 3 I would like to see the crew exploring the frontier, visiting a strange new world.
I wish. I wish we'd have a movie without a villain, for once. You don't need a villain to make a good story. The only Trek movies without a villain are TMP and TVH.

I could be sold on the Doomsday Machine, however. Maybe we could meet Commodore Decker again.

Jeyl wrote: View Post
Despite the ending to STID, I think it will all boil down to another bad guy who wants to attack Earth again. They do want to have Earth be the stomping ground for "their" Star Trek after all.

I do admit that they spend a whole lot of time near Earth recently, but then look at the movies:

TMP: Earth threatened
TWOK: Starts at Earth
TSFS: They go back to Earth, then back to Genesis
TVH: Earth threatened
TFF: Starts at Earth
TUC: Starts at Earth
FC: Earth threatened
NEM: Shinzon plans to destroy Earth
ST09: Earth threatened
ID: Earth Threatened

Only Generations (minus the 1701-B bit) and Insurrection have nothing to do with Earth. It's a slightly annoying pattern considering how little we see the homeworld in the series.
And that's my opinion.
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