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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

FPAlpha wrote: View Post
Will never happen.. both "big" consoles will be successful and well supported no matter what because both companies can't afford a total failure.
You're most likely right, and at this early stage it looks like the PS4 is going to be the leading system of the next generation so long as Sony doesn't screw the pooch somehow. But I'd prefer to play it safe and see what way the wind is blowing before committing hundreds of euros to a console.

Kevman7987 wrote: View Post
I want the less invasive console that doesn't try to choke me with movement controls nor watches me sleep (I keep my console on my entertainment shelf in my bedroom).
Some statements out of Sony suggest that the PS4 is going to come bundled with a PS Eye camera, so it too could be mandatory. We'll likely find out at E3.

Kruezerman wrote: View Post
As for the DRM problem, Steam and most other developers have similar strategies so it won't be different for us...
I understand why people keep bringing up Steam in relation to the XBO, but I just don't think it's a fair comparison. Other than the fantastic value provided by their frequent sales, the state of PC gaming was very different when Steam took off than the state that console gaming is in now. PC gaming was being smothered by increasingly restrictive anti-piracy measures in the early-mid 00s, and publishers were abandoning the platform or focusing mainly on console games. Before Steam, there was no used game market for PC games, CD-keys were considered normal, and internet activations had become standard. At a time when publishers were attempting ridiculous restrictions like limiting the number of installs you could do with a game disc, or always-online DRM, Steam emerged as the least-worst option for consumers.

Consoles haven't had that decade of crappy restrictions to make XBO's DRM seem reasonable. Buying and selling used games, the ability to loan games to friends, playing SP games without an internet connection, that is the current standard and the expectation of console gamers. The XBO's DRM isn't the least-worst option available to console gamers, it's the worst-worst option (that we currently know about).
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