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How important is social networking for you?

I realize that people have different reasons for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. While some may use them for work or business reasons, the vast majority of users most likely log in to networking sites as a means of personal communication. In essence, Facebook and other sites can be an extension of people's social lives.

I currently have two Facebook accounts: one primary that I initially signed up for many years ago, and one anonymous account that I recently created. My primary motivation for using FB: Boredom.

At first, I thought FB would be a great opportunity for me to reconnect with old friends, former classmates, and other acquaintances. As time went by, however, I came to realize that "reconnecting with people" wasn't all that important to me. Either I had very few things in common with them, or they made no effort to reach out to me and say, "Hey, how are you doin'?" Also, I thought, "If I didn't really care about or like this person then, why should I bother now?"

To some extent, I still use FB to share interests with current friends and family members, at least the ones who actually bother to read my posts or send me e-mails. Lately I've been deleting/blocking a lot of "inactive" friends (both past and present). Besides, many of my very good real-life friends and contacts aren't even into networking sites, but I love them just the same.

What say you? How vital are networking sites in your everyday life?
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