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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

44. Welcome to the Jungle: F
45. The Time Travelers Wife: B+
46. Star Trek into Darkness: A-
47. The Lost Tomb of Jesus: B
48. The Heat: C+

Went to a sneak of this new Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy buddy cop film. This film only reinforces that overly vulgar, for the sake of vulgarity, lines spat out one after the other for the sake of meanness or discomfort is just not what I consider side splitting humor. Situational humor, accidental humor is more my enjoyment. McCarthy's character, Det.Mullins, is just one liner after one liner for 85% of the film. Now the audience seemed to love it, must be the Bridesmaid crowd, another film I found overrated.
So why a C+ grade, why not lower? They lace the characters with just enough heart that when Mullins isn't just being an arrogant ass and Bullock's FBI Special Agent Ashburn isn't being a presumptuous jerk both characters are lonely individuals for different reasons who need someone. An odd sisterhood is formed that saves the script from just being a string of SNL skits strung together. When I did laugh it was mostly at Ashburn moments, those were more the "accidental, site gags" type humor I prefer.
It'll probably do decent at the box office if my overall crowd's response is a fair anecdotal barometer.
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