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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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By grabthar's hammer, it really should be called the Technical Speculation Manual. At least the one good thing TOS got right was kept the details vague for us to disagree over
See, here's a perfect example where doing a little research effects ones attitude by clarifying our understanding immensely.

The writers/producers kept things vague because the production (at the time) was an ongoing project, and they anticipated continuity mistakes due to various production limitations.

FJ had said in interviews that he reservations about doing the tech manual because he didn’t want to take things in a direction that GR didn’t approve, but in correspondence GR assured him that “Star Trek was dead” and that not to worry about anything.

So this is no doubt why FJ took some of the liberties to tidy things up and felt comfortable fleshing out the STU as he did? Who knew back then that there would be some forty five+ years of trek yet to come? FJ even later lamented the deal to bring ST back to live TV as “Phase II”, and said if had known ahead of time, he never would have undertaken the project!

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