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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Just finished Only Superhuman by Christopher Bennett.

I've been hearing about this novel on the TrekBBS here for years so its great to finally see it finished and get to read it.

I never used to care much about superheroes, but having young kids who are into it now, I've started watching things like Justice League Unlimited and really getting an appreciation for the genre. A hard sci-fi novel about super heroes? Even better.

I did read and enjoy The Watchmen back in college. I was looking forward to a similarly adult take on the genre.

And - I was not disappointed. In fact, my only complaint is that there was far too much sex in the book for my tastes. However, it wasn't (for the most part) gratuitous and it did serve the story (and factor in with some of the hard sci-fi concepts at the end).

Overall I really ended up enjoying it, and I would definitely recommend it. (Though with the caveat that its definitely more R rated than what I typically read, especially as these days I read mostly Star Trek.)

Next up: Greg Cox, Weight of Worlds.
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