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Re: Does anyone else find McCoy annoying?

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Overall, I thought McCoy was a great character who provided a valuable contribution to TOS. However, at times I couldn't stand McCoy. In many episodes they pumped up the McCoy-Spock tension a bit much, to the point of making McCoy look like an @sshole. He'd give Spock a hard time at almost any turn, looking sorely unprofessional. These guys are military trained. I know doctors are usually less "by the book", but McCoy's needling of Spock went too far.

Anyway, it was a shame he wasn't given more "meat" to his roles in the movies. I think he could've provided more entertaining dialog.
I see that when Spock was in command, like The Tholian Web and lesser amount in The Galileo Seven.

In TTW he's really difficult for Spock until he sees Jim's last orders. It could have been the stress of losing the captain, but he seems too much a bit.
He does seem to point out a little too happily about missteps in TGS, but he isn't insubordinate like Boma. One of my favorite parts about that episodes is how Scotty doesn't say much, but he gets angry with Boma, I just really liked that, it shows the difference between stepping over the line and staying within it.

So, Bones didn't annoy me.
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