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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

So the season 8 arc is about, partly or in whole, Osiris. Her symbiote is still alive. I'm guessing it's in holding at SGC? So maybe Sarah will appear again. Perhaps trying to recall some crucial info on some Gou'ald plot? We know that the bonding creates some memory imprints, we've seen that with Sam and some others. I'm almost to S8, curious.

7x17 & 7x18 - Heroes Parts 1-2
Not going to lie, when I could tell where this story was going I wasn't overly thrilled. A documentary crew? What I was liking was when Adam Baldwin(Firefly, Chuck) showed up leading an SG team as Col Dixon. I'm not a military expert, are he and Jacks rank as Col equal, are there levels like General? I found the contrast of how his team worked vs SG-1 interesting. Other than knowing other SG teams exist we've seen little of how those teams work as a dynamic. They are mostly just there for backup or are a stranded team as a line of dialogue in the script of that episodes danger.
I had thought it was blatant foreshadowing when they did the "Q branch"(ala James Bond) scene showcasing the new staff weapon armor. I'm guessing it's a derivative of the armor they learned from testing the new Anubis clone warriors? But they never say. So when Jack gets hit, I feel it's a red herring. I'm actually hoping that Dixon's man who got hit(is it Bateman?) is going to be ok, he has a baby due shortly in a few weeks.
Now as a sidebar we also have another one of these oversight reviews being done. This time by Robert Picardo(ST:Voyager). Once it was Simmons(John De Lancie), is it a running gag for STrek to be "judging" SG-1? LOL!
Anyway, so for awhile now I'd felt death was looming and it looked like Col.Dixon's expectant father Bateman(?) would be fodder for that. While not a big name, I had grown to like this team....but oh, no TPTB throw a real monkey wrench in things don't they. While Dr.Frasier is treating Bateman she gets hit with a staff weapon....and dies?!! Seriously now, is Dr.Frasier dead(don't really answer, I know it's sci-fi--Asgardian, Ancients and Tok'ra miracles lurk...right?).
She was just a part time support player so is there a real world reason? Did the Teryl Rothby land a full time gig on another show? I'm avoiding IMDB when these questions arise to not spoil myself, just thinking out loud.
So, the ending took a mediocore, up to that point, show and ended it like that...oh, and Bateman had a baby girl. Named her Janet!
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