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Re: Need some help with a college assignment!

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Glad to hear it turned out okay!

Am I understanding correctly that the B-'s were the previous assignments, and the C was this one? Maybe your grading system is different, but I'm used to C being average (or, in some places with grade inflation, below average). I'm wondering how you concluded that a C means "either putting more effort in than the average student, or just have a knack for gender issues." Sounds like you were right in the middle of the pack. Which is fine. I'm not putting down the grade, just questioning the conclusion you drew from it.

BTW, I'm curious about the connection you apparently made between rape laws and body type/size, too. Care to explain?
Nope, there were four criteria for marking the assignment:

*Demonstrated knowledge of and engagement with some of the sociological concepts, theories and arguments profiled in lectures, tutorials and in unit reader. Presents a clear and relevant response to the question (35%). (B-)

*Application of sociological concepts, theories and arguments to issues in one’s everyday life and/or contemporary culture (35%) (B-)

Ability to correctly apply Harvard referencing style (15%). (C)

Use of appropriate language, written expression, and correct spelling and grammar (15%).

As for the connection... I was giving a couple of examples of gender discrimination in the west, when the essay was mostly about body type and shape.
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