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Re: Game of Thrones 3.8 - "Second Sons" - Rate and discuss

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His own crossbow would be a good way to start.
Mmm, I'm thinking it would only be fair if he had his tongue ripped out first. Let him live with that for a little while, then give him the crossbow in the legs, and finally a humiliating beheadding after threatening to sneak into his bedchamber and rape him.
When Mr. Sadist is done with Theon they can ship Joffrey up there. Should be fun.
That's what I'm talking about. But, then who takes care of Mr. Sadist when he's done? He's far worse than Joffrey. Hmm, they should have that fallen Maester do experiments on him for a long, long time. I know he's loyal to house Bolton now, but he seemed to be more interested in his "curiosity."

I'm usually for life imprisonment, but sometimes I truly think the punishment should be the crime.

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I voted Above Average. It was interesting how the title came from the mercenary band but actually did centre on various second sons - Thannis and Tyrion (Sam was a firstborn but secondary in his father's affections.

Nice to see Ferdie from This Life (Ramon Tikarin) in there in the Second Sons, even if he was short-lived. I must admit that the cockney accents there threw me - I always imagined them being Arabic or Asian. The pay-off with the severed heads was great though.

The use of Gendry instead of Edric Stone is quite intriguing and could go somewhere (arguably, Gendry is getting a better storyline here than in the books), while Stephen Dillane and Liam Cunningham as Stannis and Davos work really well together.

The wedding was a hoot, as expected and I'm not sure what was my fave scene - Cersei v Margarey, Cersei v Loras or Tyrion v Joffrey. Actually, scratch that, it has to be TvJ (as always) but it was a close-fought thing. Meanwhile, it's clear that Arya and the Hound are going to be a great double act.
Yeah, poor Gendry. I was just happy she didn't kill him (yet?). I hope he escapes or something. When Arya becomes a faceless woman, I think that's when her story is really going to pick up.

I really like Cersei vs. Margaery, and I think Margaery's going to win that battle eventually with her grandmother's help. I also love how Tyrion is the only one that tells Joffrey off, and he manages to get away with it.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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