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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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Now for a review of the season as a whole.
Uh, you haven't seen the season finale, Epitaph One may not have aired on Fox but it is very much part of season 1, you can't do a review of the season as a whole without it.
Actually, I can and did. Omega was aired as the S1 finale and serves as the perfect capper to it. It resolves everything that the season dealt with in terms of its overall narrative arc, and sets the table, as it were, for Vows.

Plus, I already made it clear that I would be watching the show chronologically.
Chronologically according to what? Air date? In that case, you would have to skip Epitaph One altogether, since Fox in their infinite wisdom, also known as stupidity, chose not to air it at all. But why would you want to do that to yourself? Epitaph One is the season 1 finale, it's an extremely important part of the show, and without it you won't understand the series finale. Plus it's one of the most awesome episodes Joss has ever put his name on.
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