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Re: 2013 Star Trek HOT WHEELS - Excelsior, Kelvin, Vengeance, BoP

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Eaglemoss Collections will be releasing versions of many (65) Star Trek ships starting this fall too. According to this article: the ships will be fully metal with extremely detailed paint application.

They will be of a similar size to the Hot Wheels ships but more expensive (not by much, the article and Eaglemoss website imply they'll be around the $20-$25 rangewhile Hot Wheels' are $15-$20).

I'm going to get the two or three series released by Hot Wheels (that's how many series were released in 09-10) and some of the Eaglemoss ones.
Yeah I'm toying with getting these, almost 70 of these things I'm not sure what I'd do with....I'd be really interested in ships like the Nebula, Akira, Steamrunner...but I'm sure they aren't gonna make the full set unless they get enough subs...
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