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Re: Game of Thrones 3.8 - "Second Sons" - Rate and discuss

I voted Above Average. It was interesting how the title came from the mercenary band but actually did centre on various second sons - Thannis and Tyrion (Sam was a firstborn but secondary in his father's affections.

Nice to see Ferdie from This Life (Ramon Tikarin) in there in the Second Sons, even if he was short-lived. I must admit that the cockney accents there threw me - I always imagined them being Arabic or Asian. The pay-off with the severed heads was great though.

The use of Gendry instead of Edric Stone is quite intriguing and could go somewhere (arguably, Gendry is getting a better storyline here than in the books), while Stephen Dillane and Liam Cunningham as Stannis and Davos work really well together.

The wedding was a hoot, as expected and I'm not sure what was my fave scene - Cersei v Margarey, Cersei v Loras or Tyrion v Joffrey. Actually, scratch that, it has to be TvJ (as always) but it was a close-fought thing. Meanwhile, it's clear that Arya and the Hound are going to be a great double act.
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