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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Smallville time! Smallville: Season 11 #48 was a fun little read today that really advanced the story in a meaningful way. We spend some time with Superman on New Krypton and find out what the war between Earth and New Krypton is really about. It is not really the race war that it appears to be on the surface. It's really a religious conflict that's emerging in a most surprising way. See these Kryptonians don't worship Rao (sorry Admiral Young) they worship...

Well that would be telling wouldn't it? Let's just say that they worship somebody that they really shouldn't and leave it at that.

At least until next week?

How 'bout the non-Superman portions of the story?

Well they're not too bad at all actually. We finally get to spend some quality time with Booster Gold. Booster's chomping at the bit to get his flight ring reactivated so he can get back into action but...

Brainiac ain't havin' none o' that. But he's not being a bad guy about it. He's quietly encouraging of Booster's heroic inclinations while making it clear he won't furnish him the technology to rejoin the fight on the Legion's level. Of course he might not have a choice because everything's crumbling all around them the galaxy over and every Legionaire from every point in time and space is being recalled for the awful war that's coming.

Spine tingly dingly, I dare say!

Not much more I can say about this issue. It was short and sweet and makes me really look forward to next week.

Brian Q. consider me your willing test subject!
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