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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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Maybe that "one week later" caption should say "one year later"?
That's possible, I suppose. Still, it feels like another case where the comics writer wasn't fully briefed on the details of the movie. Bad Robot's desire for secrecy may be clashing with their desire for canon-consistent tie-ins.

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Which never made much sense to me. Spock wasn't exactly a young man at the time.
He was in his mid-30s. Vulcans live to be over 200. So yeah, proportionally, he was stil pretty young. There was also his line "I hoped I would be spared this," suggesting that maybe it had a late onset.

Then again, in TSFS, the regenerating Spock had his first pon farr in what appeared to be late adolescence. But that was hardly a typical scenario.
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