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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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Any Tech Manual that went to those extremes would be one that I'd altogether shun.
Then to that same extent, did you shun FJ's Tech Manual? He went to such extremes yet those extremes aren't even on screen. Did he need to calculate out the time slow down at warp speeds?

By grabthar's hammer, it really should be called the Technical Speculation Manual. At least the one good thing TOS got right was kept the details vague for us to disagree over
The FJTM isn't even close to being golden. Does that answer your question?

Now, that said, and I always say this when discussing the FJTM, one of the cutest things about it are the forewords. They basically provide a backstory that explains all the errors, including, if no especially, the phony science.

Could the "science" be better? Well maybe, but let's be real: only if the shit were real could the notes in there actually stand up to scrutiny, and that's too high a standard. But, probably the navigational stuff should be deleted, at least in its current form.
Okay, I see where you're coming from. A Tech Manual and a separate Thermian Manual
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