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Re: Into Darkness comparisons (Spoilers)

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I doubt that there's a single "inspiration" here from Star Trek: Insurrection; similarities between films do not demonstrate that elements of one are inspired by the other, particularly when such elements are found in so many other antecedents. Drawing the conclusion of influence from happenstance is a common mistake.
Where else in canonical Star Trek had we seen a rogue/corrupt Admiral with connections to Section 31 as a major/main antagonist besides in Insurrection?

Note: Although Insurrection itself does not explicitly establish a connection between Dougherty and S31, his actions fit the bureau's modus operandi as established by DS9 and Enterprise.
Well, that second paragraph is the key, isn't it? You have to add speculation not mentioned in the film to assert that Dougherty was working for Section 31. If you go purely by what is established on screen, Trek has had several examples in film and TV of rogue or corrupt admirals serving as antagonists for our heroes, and you could easily speculate like you did above that many of them were working for or with Section 31 (and in fact, some novels have).

Just off the top of my head:

- Admiral Cartwright in STVI: TUC
- Admiral Pressman in TNG Pegasus
- Future Admiral Janeway in VOY Endgame (briefly until joined by Capt. Janeway)
- Ret. Admiral Norah Satie in TNG The Drumhead
- Admiral Leyton in DS9 Homefront/Paradise Lost
- Admiral Jameson in TNG Too Short a Season
- Admirals Quinn and Savar in TNG Conspiracy (to be fair, they did have a really bad case of crabs)
- Admiral Stocker in TOS The Deadly Years (more incompetent than rogue, but he did violate the Neutral Zone)
- Admiral Ross in DS9 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (as mentioned, he actually was working with Section 31)

I'm sure there are more I'm missing. If anything, the "admiral as adversary" thing is a cliche in Trek rather than something unique. And that's not even counting all the admirals who were just dicks or incompetent but not necessarily rogue or corrupt, which would be a whole other long list of lesser antagonists for the crews.
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