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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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If you actually watched the scene on screen, it would have simply have been CharlieX's power throwing Kirk and Spock into the wall and damaging it and then Kirk asking CharlieX to release his hold on Spock and undo his broken legs. The cracked wall could have easily been part of CharlieX's display of power.
No, see that's just it. Not for one second did I think that, ever. Only if my name were Mathesar could I have possibly thought that!

Any Tech Manual that went to those extremes would be one that I'd altogether shun.

I want something that I can actually believe (in the sense of being willing to suspend disbelief) that the characters in-universe would be reading.

The universe in which the crack in the wall is explained that way utterly lacks that property. The reason is because I must filter that crack out as a production snafu. If you disagree, and you have to have it explained in-universe, then the manual for you is not the manual for me, and that's that. Really, that would make me feel a whole lot better!
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