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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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Yet that example when you watch the scene is part of Charlie X's display of powers so it isn't clear cut, IMO.
Oh, for heaven's sake, they broke the set while filming. Not that I'd even need to look it up, but, from

Memory Alpha wrote:
In the scene in Rand's quarters, when Charlie flings Kirk and Spock against the wall, the wall has a hole punched in it. On an earlier take, Leonard Nimoy had struck the wall too forcefully. This alternate take can be seen at the end of the episode's preview.
Of course they did and you proved my point that knowledge of behind the scenes information biases our interpretation of the scene.

If you actually watched the scene on screen, it would have simply have been CharlieX's power throwing Kirk and Spock into the wall and damaging it and then Kirk asking CharlieX to release his hold on Spock and undo his broken legs. The cracked wall could have easily been part of CharlieX's display of power.

But since you're filtering it with that background knowledge you see an accidentally damaged set.

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The stage argument also isn't taken far enough. Are we really observing what was shown on screen or are we biased in knowing what the stage looks like behind the scenes and are assuming the unseen parts of that shot must look like the rest of the stage?
Sometimes it's best to observe what's on screen, but other times that has to be tweaked, in order for everything to make sense.
Sometimes what's shown as a curved corridor is best thought of as a straight corridor, or more generally, as one with a different radius of curvature. Why? Because the corridors available on the set had more limited dimensions than some of the corridors most likely on the "actual" ship.
Then again are you actually watching the show? How many times are we actually shown a full hallway or even the full curvature? Or are you assuming everytime you see the edge of the wall of the curved corridor stage set that the ship wall must also be curved into the distance even though it is unseen?

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Those decisions are all a matter of judgment. No doubt FJ's decisions can be improved on, largely with the benefit of hindsight and reflection, even just at the level of laying the whole ship out generally, not to mention the fine details.
If it can be done with accuracy and precision of what is shown on screen and without the filtering lens of knowledge of behind the scenes information, then yes it is possible to do it even without judgment. But if all you see are the stage sets of Desilu studios then that's already a problem.

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And that doesn't even address the scientific "absurdities" where TOS science is different from real life science. Start to draw the line here and there, make a judgement call to ignore certain onscreen stuff we find "absurd" and we'll be back probably where FJ arrived at, IMHO.
Yeah. One of my favorite examples in this case is the idea that there's a booster for the Enterprise computer's ability to hear sounds that "can increase that capability on the order of one to the fourth power". Ridiculous, since 1^4 equals 1.
At least he doesn't lower the boosting power

And don't forget, an ounce of antimatter can blow away part of an atmosphere and put the Enterprise in serious risk even 30,000km away. Or that the ship can go 700,000c and fuel is never an issue.
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