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TSFS had really great character moments and all the crew got something to do and showed they really cared about each other and Spock. The Enterprise got blown up and McCoy says that great line whilst stood on a mountain watching the ashes of the Enterprise streak across the sky...

Spacedock escape, Kirk vs Kruge in the midst of a disintegrating planet. The Klingons murdering David, Pon Farr!, Self Destruct sequence. Vulcan scenes, the Excelsior, Grissom, BoP. So much was added to the Trek universe. Its great!
I agree its fantastic. The Klingons being well menacing and murderous. The movie had lots of things going for it - love, bravery, sacrifice, mercy, treachery, weird Vulcan rituals, Sarek showing that he actually loved his son for once.
Of course it had its problems. What Star Trek movies didn't?

I'll just comment on two of the following:
Lord Garth wrote: View Post

3. The movie was supposed to show Kirk becoming more mature and growing into an adult. When he's repeatedly punching Khan, he's acting like a 15-year-old. When he constantly turns his head whenever a woman walks by, he's acting like a 14-year-old. When he's having a threesome, it's like a teenage boy's fantasy. I see nothing in the film that shows he became more mature. All I see is a kid who had a bad experience and a rough mission, then made a good speech at the end. He's not an adult. He's still reckless. He's still immature. I don't think this is the type of Captain you want to send out on a five-year mission into the unknown. Is this who the Admiralty wants representing the Federation? The only rationale I can think of is to get Kirk out of the way. It would make more sense to have him in Federation space, thinking outside the box to solve unconventional local problems where he can be of help and they can keep an eye on him.

4. Spock is much too emotional. Spock shouldn't be yelling "KHAAAANNN!!!" and going crazy while fighting him. Spock shouldn't be jealous when Dr. Marcus is assigned as Science Officer and, yes, he was jealous. Spock wouldn't give Pike lip.
In regards to Kirk he saved planet Earth. None of the other bozos in Starfleet did it. None of the other experienced captains stood up the Adm. Marcus and tried to stop Khan or even set up a defense grid around the planet. If someone saved my planet I'd give them a ship if they wanted it.
The admiralty problems with Kirk was the 'breaking' of the PD in the idiot instance where a planet would be destroyed without interference. Like the inhabitants of the planet would be better of dead than seeing a big spaceship rising out of the water. They didn't care about his womanising. They didn't care about it in TOS. They didn't care when Riker did it.

In regards to Spock. I think he gave Pike 'lip' because his loyalty had transferred to Kirk. Perhaps Kirk didn't realise it but Pike did. That was probably one of the reasons Pike didn't want Spock as his 1st officer.
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