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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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I'm a little surprised that SCDPCGC would expend so much "effort" into creative when Chevy won't even pick anything until 1970.
I might be wrong but I thought the agency was getting paid big bucks to expend the effort at this time.

I wonder if Don's shutting out Chevy is just the first step in checking out of Creative entirely, except as an acceptor or rejecter, and leaving the charge to Ted and Peggy. If that turns out to be the case, then CGC won the creative war against SCDP.
I don't know. Some might say becoming the boss of your rivals is winning. The real issue would seem to me to be the idea that Don is aging and becoming out of touch with both the ad game and the world in general.

Sally and Bobby are lucky beyond belief that they weren't harmed or that someone more dangerous didn't break in. This cannot be stressed enough.
One of the little subtleties of the show is when they show how progressively dangerous NYC was getting as we headed Into the 70s. A lot of people, especially those about 30 and under don't know about the pre-Guiliani city that served as a backdrop for films like Death Wish and Taxi Driver and how rough a place it could be.
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