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Re: Game of Thrones 3.8 - "Second Sons" - Rate and discuss

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Pick up the blade, you fat moron!!! You've no idea of how much dragonglass costs these days!
Yes it was too bad he did not pick up that dragonglass. It would have been really useful in case he meets more White Walkers.
That's what I was thinking. It's like, presence of mind, Sam. Presence of mind...

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Joffrey has just gotta die...preferably in some really disgusting way.
His own crossbow would be a good way to start.
Mmm, I'm thinking it would only be fair if he had his tongue ripped out first. Let him live with that for a little while, then give him the crossbow in the legs, and finally a humiliating beheadding after threatening to sneak into his bedchamber and rape him.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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