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A fair point. I think it may speak to how intelligent Khan really is. He caught up pretty damn fast in regards to technology
Just like in the original timeline. Khan learns to man the Reliant pretty damn quickly.

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At this point the Enterprise shields were still at 100%. The Enterprise was only attacked after it went to warp. The Vengeance knocked the Enterprise out of warp in front of Luna with its barrage of torpedoes. Up until that point the only damage to the Enterprise was the sabotage to the warp core. Kirk even tells Sulu just before he exits the bridge, "Keep those shields up!"
Really ? I was under the impression she was beamed onto the Vengeance _after_ the Enterprise got most of its damage. Carol didn't get to talk to her father until after 1701 dropped out of warp, and the Vengeance was disabled temporarily right after that. And after that Kirk and Khan fly through debris from the battle. I'm kinda confused, here.
And that's my opinion.
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