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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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then the Tech Manual must ultimately record absurdities such as walls on the Enterprise that can be cracked by people falling into them.
Was that Spock cracking the wall or Charlie X's force of will doing it? Charlie X also magically broke Spock's legs in that same scene.

To some folks it would be an absurdity for a Tech Manual to record the ship flying faster-than-light or having so little volume for fuel for the impulse engines that it can't possibly move the ship at the accelerations seen on screen.

I'd say the technical manual should be accurate and precise on what was shown without us trying to judge the merits. Any speculation should be clearly marked as such and let that get updated periodically as real life science and technology update. That to me would be interesting to see over the years.

Oh, and the manual should be renamed to the Star Trek Technical Speculation Manual
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