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3) If the Vengeance could beam Carol Marcus off the Enterprise when it had its shields up, why did Khan need to argue with Spock over the torpedoes? How did the Vengeance beam Marcus off the Enterprise with its shields up anyway?
Seeing it three times, perhaps you can refresh my memory, but weren't the Enterprise shields basically knocked out or severely weakened at that point ?

5) How does 1 photon torpedo Destroy General Chang's BoP in ST6, but 72 photon torpedoes blowing up INSIDE the Vengeance only "disable its weapons systems"?
Remember, those aren't TNG-era torpedoes. I think they were special torpedoes in the sense that they were stealth, but maybe they didn't have much yield.

6) I feel like one line added to the scene with Bones discovering the Tribble was alive could have fixed a loose end. I discussed Khan's blood with a friend and we both wondered why they couldn't have used the blood of one of the 72 other superhumans they had on board?
Khan's the leader for a reason: maybe his blood's the only one that'll work. I still don't think they had time to thaw another Augment to have a look.
And that's my opinion.
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