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Look out Einstein, here comes Weinstein

Eric Weinstein may have found the answer to physics' biggest problems

A physicist has formulated a mathematical theory that purports to explain why the universe works the way it does and it feels like 'the answer'
I'd like to see a lot more details, but if Weinstein's theory makes testable predictions (which String Theory struggles to do), it seems worthy of consideration. From what I gather, the theory relies on symmetry breaking of a 14-dimensional space into our 4-D space-time and a 10-D realm that is largely hidden from our view. According to Marcus du Sautoy, lots of stuff drops out naturally from the theory -- three generations of particles in the standard model, dark energy, and an explanation of why particles have mass that doesn't seem like an arbitrary add-on like the Higgs field does. Now, if only, it could predict the particle masses, that would indeed be a coup.

ETA: I've seen some comments online denigrating Weinstein because he's currently a quant for a hedge fund rather than an established academic. It could be worse -- he could have been a patent examiner.

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