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Re: Ideas for episodes

- I would loved to have seen a realization of the novel of Ragnarok.

- I would've built up the tension through the first season between the Maquis and Starfleet crewmembers then in the season one finale would've had the Maquis tired of how Janeway is running the ship and the crew mutiny and take it over. Chakotay struggles to decide his loyalty to his former crew or his belief in Janeway's vision of getting the crew home.

- I would liked to have seen something similar to BSG's New Caprica arc, with Voyager becoming seriously damaged and Torres saying it will take months or longer to repair the ship, so they have to spend a very long time on an M-class planet in the Delta Quadrant.

- Janeway discovers a vital component from a shuttle was lost during a scouting mission to a technological yet non-space faring race, and when they return find the race have reverse engineered the component and have begun designing their own space vehicles. With the prime directive already broken, Janeway must decide to intervene or let the race takes their course.

- Voyager encounters a complete benign collective similar to the Federation in the Delta Quadrant, but their own fear of mistrust and deceit cause them to lose out on any potential benefits.

- Voyager spends several episodes traversing between two spiral arms of the galaxy.

- Endgame finishes with Voyager crashing down into San Francisco, instead of simply arriving with the fleet. The ship basically gets munted but the crew survive.
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