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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

But they certainly don't sink rapidly at first and slow down.
That's certainly different from freediving with a bit of extra weight, yes. But one of the most trivial things to do in a futuristic diving suit would be to have it maintain constant buoyancy. You wouldn't need much beyond that.

You swim down 20 metres without equipment, and "without much effort"? How do your ears feel about that.
I equalize pressure when the camera isn't watching, of course.

Okay, twenty might be overstating it, as it's a specific spot on a specific lake rather than a random glance at a depth gauge, sounded for more like 17 meters. But it's nicely beyond swimming pool depth to establish that you don't really need all that scuba gear, or all that caution associated with long stays. It's when you gear up (say, get a monofin and start going down more actively, for greater lengths of time) that you risk life and limb...

They would be in free fall because an intelligent person on the bridge would have turned the bloody artificial gravity off so that nobody would fall down the numerous shafts of unknown purpose!
I'm sorry but that doesn't make an ounce of sense. Gravity keeps people from being thrown about. You don't turn it off for safety!

One consequence of production realities is that turning off gravity is supposed to be somewhat difficult, even. We see it done in DS9 once or twice ("Past Prologue", "Melora"), and achieved violently in ST6, but it never happens by accident. The ship may be dead otherwise, but gravity lingers, even on Khan's centuries-dormant ship...

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