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Re: Star Trek: TNG film era reboot?

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The man of action part of him work okay in juxtaposition to Picard, but you're right about the captain in training.
Riker wasn't the captain in training, he was the ship's executive officer, its second-in-command. Spock served in the exact same capacity except he also doubled as chief sciences officer.

If anything, TMP & TNG "got it right" by having the XO be a full-time job onto itself, rather than a part-time one shown in TOS.
Problem being, you only have so many minutes in a movie to tell a story. Even in the new films characters are under utilized. By eliminating Riker, you free screen time for other characters.
That's just the frequently called "lazy writing" by fans, or a conscious decision by the writers and producers to give more screentime to one character over another.
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