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C.E. Evans, you haven't refuted what Buzzkill said, and the data is only supporting what he said.

"Star Trek and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc."
Yeah, that part covers the trademarks, like I said.

It doesn't cover copyright, which is clearly assigned to Paramount Pictures and MavroCine Pictures. As the text said. You know, the part you didn't type in.

If you are going to take the trouble to type in the text, you really should type it all in.
You still don't understand, although I've been quite clear. I'm not going to repeat myself again.
Admiral Buzzkill wrote:
Exactly so. He doesn't seem to understand this stuff, and he's mistaken about how it works. Really, a couple of minutes of research and the application of some common sense is enough.
And you don't get it either, or perhaps are willfully ignoring it (exactly so).

Tell you what, I'm willing to bet both of you that if there's another Trek series, it won't be from Paramount or at the very least it'll be authorized by CBS and not Paramount.
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