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Re: Star Trek: TNG film era reboot?

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Depending on your outlook on the J.J. Abram films depends on how good of an idea you think this is I am not saying I want it its more of a what if question since I prefer TNG era over original series era. But what if they eventually do TNG era films following this new storyline they have in the films? I am sure by this point in time if this is even a thought that a new director would be doing these films. Would it be interesting to see new actors in the role of Picard, Riker, Dr. Crusher, Data, Counselor Troi, Geordi, Worf and etc? Hopefully if they did do this in this era of time they would have Klingons more closer to the TNG tv series. So thoughts?
No, I didn't really like them the first time around. A reboot of that era would take far more change for me to care than those who like it would find could make a reasonable reboot. The Crusher family would have to go, Counselor Troi too, or at least the empathic/telepathic abilities would. Riker would be beaten silly until he learned what the chain of command meant. Basically, get rid of most everything that most folks seem to like about the series.
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