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Re: First World Problems

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Glad to know it's not just my dog!
And all this time I thought dogs only ate their own poop.

I don't mind alfalfa sprouts as a garnish on a meat or cheese sandwich. But just sprouts? That's for rabbits.
It's not just sprouts, it was sprouts on a turkey sandwich and you could get other things on it as well (like cheese and other toppings).

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Alfalfa are the more boring sprouts IMO. Everything else is bigger, crunchier, tastier.
Have you ever had mung bean sprouts? I don't know if it's an Indian thing because I only see them in Indian stores here, but they can be delicious. I like them with chopped up onions and tomatoes with some lemon juice. They're just a pain with the germinating part and all.
Yeah that's what I mean, mung bean and everything else are tastier imo than alfalfa. You can buy them everywhere here and asian stores have HUGE bins of them.

That sandwich would look better with out the fake pressed turkey meat

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