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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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Pick up a copy of The Best of Trek #3 on Amazon and see for yourself. "Change for the sake of change" is a recurring complaint, and the article calling the new-look Klingons "spine-headed munchkins" is hilarious.
I understand fans' problems with the TMP Klingons even less than I understand their issues with the refit Enterprise.

The new Klingons in TMP were scary, in contrast to the nearly laughable types of TOS that owed more than a little to the Emperor Ming.

Granted, TMP made them so by using fairly straightforward tropes, such as red lighting, smoke, makeup, fangs, guttural speech, etc. But it worked: they seemed much more threatening than before. More animalistic. Too bad later Trek rendered them all but ineffectual in hand to hand with our beloved protagonists.

(Frankly, I never saw the need to "explain" the "discrepancy" of their TMP appearance with TOS by the augment virus, either, but that's another story.... Fans can be such literalists!)
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