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Re: First World Problems

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Glad to know it's not just my dog!
And all this time I thought dogs only ate their own poop.

I don't mind alfalfa sprouts as a garnish on a meat or cheese sandwich. But just sprouts? That's for rabbits.
It's not just sprouts, it was sprouts on a turkey sandwich and you could get other things on it as well (like cheese and other toppings).

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Alfalfa are the more boring sprouts IMO. Everything else is bigger, crunchier, tastier.
Have you ever had mung bean sprouts? I don't know if it's an Indian thing because I only see them in Indian stores here, but they can be delicious. I like them with chopped up onions and tomatoes with some lemon juice. They're just a pain with the germinating part and all.
They have them in Korea, often used in soups, I never thought of having them in sandwiches, though. This warrants experimentation.
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