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Re: Revisiting Arrested Development

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Two shows have asked this question now. First it was Farscape and now it's Arrested Development. Why does paper beat rock? Rock rips paper (And apparently sinks boats ). It's a stupid rule.
There was an episode of Arrested Development where Michael and GOB are fighting with a giant rock and giant pair of scissors. The Ron Howard voiceover follows it up with "The whole incident was covered by the paper."
That was the episode I watched. I didn't put two and two together until you quoted it, and that scene is even funnier than I thought. I'm glad I have Netflix now. Once I'm done with the series (including Season 4), I'll go back and rewatch it.

By the way, I absolutely love Ron Howard as the voice over. It makes the show that much more hysterical, especially in the second episode I saw tonight with Buster thinking he was in Mexico but only 6 minutes away from Lucille's house.
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