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Re: Save Me is the right level of Neurotic.

I love Waitress deeply. If I ever find out her name, that love will be soiled.

I do the super hero thing in my head all the time.

Anne Heche was Lois Lane in a cartoon Movie, and her character is married to Michael Landes in Save me who played Jimmy Olsen in Lois and Clark, and they both live next door to Diedrich Bader who stunning portrayed Batman in the cartoon series Brave and the Bold, whose biceps Anne was drunkingly pawing in the Save Me pilot.

No love for Kal.

In my head now, the TV series "Castle" is all about Green Lantern running away with Lois Lane... Which is odd since Nathan was (tv) married to a different Lois Lane actress on Wisteria lane while living next door to yet another Lois Lane actress. It's like he's magnetized to that crazy girl reporter or something!


Have you seen the original Australian series of Wilfred?

It's a little more subtle and dry but still worth a gander.
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