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Re: Did Abrams really save the franchise?

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Did Abrams save Star Trek from what? Was it in some kind of danger? Was al Qaeda involved?
Becoming a minor footnote in the pop cultural history of the late 20th Century.
No, I don't think it was in danger of becoming that.
When your "output" is regulated to moderately selling books and fanfilms, then yes it does.

Third Nacelle wrote:
Star Trek was never in any danger of being a "minor footnote." It's the most iconic series in science fiction.

You say "science fiction" to a random person on the street and Star Trek is most likely what pops into their head.

I don't understand the philosophy of continuing to making new Trek just for the sake of making new Trek.
Is it? Yeah, I'd like to think so. But that's just me.

If they don't say "Star Wars", "aliens and space ships" or "I don't watch that stuff".

You realize its a commercial property, right? And the owners would like to make money off it.
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