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Re: Save Me is the right level of Neurotic.

This process is interesting.

(I'm not being a meangirl!)

What started two years ago, which should be ripe for the plucking "now" in the next 30 days?

In 5 days the third season of Melissa and Joey starts, which is formulaic yet enjoyable, yet predictable Spencer/Tracy retake modernizing of Who's the Boss.

In 10 days the third season of Teenwolf begins, which I haven't seen but a friend claims is just as good as Buffy, but he likes anything that is full of predominantly shirtless young men.

In 16 days the third season of Falling Skies begins which seems like it should be fantastically made for us, but it's actually made for us by idiots. It's entry level Scifi with movie level sfx.

IN 19 days the third season of Necessary Roughness begins, and it's really really good. Necessary roughness is house wifey, but it's also got a but load of (fake) football in it, so it's a perfect show for a husband and wife to watch together.

In 26 days the third season of Franklin and Bash Begins, which is just a joy. it's like as if Animal House and (the series, not the person) MacGyver had a baby who grew up to be a show about brash young stuntastic Lawyers.

In 27 days the third season of Wilfred begins... This series brings me enough glee to forgive Elijah for making that tiresome collection of movies about rambling. Don't you want to spend all your spare time getting stoned with your dog? It makes so much sense. Practically a perfect clusterfuck of oddities and then when you just think it all can't get any more perfect... Alison Mack.
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