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Re: First Contact alternate timeline

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Watch The Original Series, Animated Series and old movies where they visit the rim of the galaxy twice, the centre of the galaxy twice and cover 1000 light years in 12 hours at warp 8.4. Now watch Star Trek: Voyager, where their fastest ship would take 75 years to cross 70,000 light years if they could maintain their maximum speed of warp 9.975.

Nothing in nuTrek is as big a fudamental change as that is. Much of TOS is impossible Voyager's framework. And yet they directly cross Voyager over with STVI in "Flashback". IMO if you can do that, then nuTrek most definitely can split off from the PrimeTrek universe in 2233.
I never considered VOY "Flashback" to be canon due largely to Dmitri Valtane being shown alive and well at the end of TUC (1991) but killed off in Flashback (1996). If you're going to do a fill in the void episode you could at least make sure all the material lines up with what existed before.

Another thing that supports the alternate timeline theory is what we see in ENT. Specifically the Xindi and Suliban races. From real world stand point and from canon of the show before ENT. That being TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, and VOY, we the audience and the characters of each series had never encountered or seen either the Suliban or Xindi races. However both races make up the fabric of the ENT era. Why is that?

Because of the Temporal Cold War. First Contact with the Suliban was made because Future Guy from the 28th century used time travel and technology to rewrite history in his favor. First contact with the Xindi was made because the Sphere Builders of the 26th century used time travel and technology to supplant existing history and rewrite it in their favor. We can't say first contact or any contact with these races was predestination because they were pawns or person from the future.

History and the timelines are like open drafts papers on Microsoft word. Then you have forces/persons who get behind the comp and begin revising and editing to suit their purposes. Future Guy (ENT TCW), The Sphere Builders (ENT Xindi), The Borg(FC), The Krenim (VOY Year Of Hell), Q and Picard (TNG AGT), Arne Darvin (DS9 TATA), Kirk and crew (TVH), Kes (VOY Fury). There are more examples but with these compared to what we see in FC, there is enough evidence to suggest that Cochrane succeeded his warp flight the first without any help or delay from the future. However the Borg having future knowledge and the means to change what they considered a vulnerable point in history, sought to change it in their favor. Which they did, just like how Future Guy destroyed the 29th century Earth by preventing the NX-01's mission. However both these revisions of history were retconned by the actions of NX-01 crew and the ENT-E crew.
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