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Re: New UK (& Other?) Partwork - Official Star Trek Starship Collectio

So people in the US and UK are going to be able to order it, but where does that leave those of us in Canada?

Well, at the very least, they'll undoubtedly start turning up on eBay soon after they're released, giving us a chance to get our hands on them that way, like the Furuta models.

The list is really exciting, since a great many of these have never been put into ship form. (How on earth are they gonna do the Fesarius, which looks like a 1970's Christmas ornament?) I'm really exciting to see pretty much every ship seen in "First Contact" (including the Akira!!!), every Jem'Hadar ship, the Hideki class, .

Looking at the extensive list, the only ships I can think that aren't on the list I'd like to see are the Andorian ship, the Centaur, the 22nd Century Intrepid, and the second Vulcan starship.
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