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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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If I would have found out before the film, it would have ruined the surprise. Yeah, I had a very strong suspicion, but I had been avoiding all spoilers, and made it to the movie unspoiled. When Harrison says he's Khan, I had a little "ha ha!" moment. Sure, others new, but I had remained unspoiled and it was a satisfying moment for me.
You didn't realize the it was already Khan after hearing the 72 number of torpedoes (The exact same number of Augments in "Space Seed") line and seeing the man that was frozen in tube? It was extremely obvious by that point.

There was also Khan's "I'm better" at "everything" line the trailer.
I always assume the "I'm better at everything" line is something an arrogant baddie would say anyway. As for the 72 torpedoes, no, I haven't seen "Space Seed" in a long time, and didn't connect it with the number of augments on the Botany Bay. Even then, I still had a strong suspicion it would be Khan, but wanted to find out by seeing movie, not by someone who couldn't hold their tongue.

In the internet age, it's damned near impossible not to learn about half of a movie before it's out. I was lucky this time.

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