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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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I have no visual reference for cavitation bubbles and air bubble didn't make any sense.
Almost everyone I've seen that movie with -- including my Dad, the guy who had to see the Matrix four times before he realized the agents weren't actually humans -- recognized that they had some kind of propellers in their boots. I think you simply missed it.

The second thing that really hurt suspension of disbelief was the ship falling but people not being in free fall. The scenes really did not suggest the ship's gravity was malfunctioning.
So why would anybody be in free fall? Artificial gravity exists to prevent that very thing!
They would be in free fall because an intelligent person on the bridge would have turned the bloody artificial gravity off so that nobody would fall down the numerous shafts of unknown purpose!
Already covered this in my first post in this thread. Artificial gravity is what normally keeps everyone's feet pointed at the floor while the ship is turning, tumbling, maneuvering or accelerating. When the gravity keeps turning on and off, suddenly the main force acting on the ship's contents -- meaning the crew -- is the motion of the ship around its center of gravity. Which means if the Enterprise is tumbling, most of the crew is between one and three hundred meters from the ship's center of gravity; they're being tossed around like rag dolls literally every time the gravity field shuts down.
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